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  1. Cli-Fi , as Hollywood wants to save the world

    this lord from the air pleasantly alternative is called Danny
    Bloom, a campaigner on environmental themes that dabbles with
    film reviews. Here you see with a definition that
    made famous in the circuit, that “cli-fi” that gives the title to this post
    and the reflection today. Bloom has also used this hashtag and this definition
    from 2008 onwards and loved to the point of be resumed from
    multiple entries, one of those cases where the network relaunches a nice idea

    But what would this “cli-fi”?

    In a few words Bloom identifies with this definition a subgenus
    productions in themed sci-fi, cli-fi for climate fiction,
    or film with themes related to ecology or to have as strong theme
    reflections on environmental disasters. IN wanting to put down a little harder
    , the films in which Hollywood wants to play a social role –
    hammering in the head to the viewers that if you do not give a regulated
    will have to face future disastrous. Is not a new phenomenon, which is already
    in the years ’60 and ’70 we had to do with many films where
    the pollution or atomic disaster were the driving force behind the whole narration
    , and this theme is well married with fears of a new
    conflict globale.e ‘ equally true, however, that in that of Tinseltown’s stars
    meanders for a long time a second wave environmentalist (or perhaps it is the
    third, if we count the period of the documentaries produced by
    big names the years ’80 and ‘ 90). If we want to take into consideration
    the film kind of came out on the market since 2008
    with this kind of setting is easy to see how are quite significant.
    In 2008 exit “City of Ember”, the monster
    flu-Godzilla of “Cloverfield”, the post-apocalyptic “Mutant Chronicles
    ” and the famous cartoon “WALL-E”.
    The 2009 not to be outdone. Leave productions like ” 2012 “, all
    based on the end of the world, a jewel of animation such as ” 9″ (to retrieve
    absolutely), the modern version of the classic “Astro
    Boy” and the film post-apocalyptic harder in recent years – “The Road
    “. We cannot say that they have not wanted to give us a certain type of
    message, right? The next year brings us other post apocalyptic,
    between which it is to be made to the production more than cassette – “The Book of Eli” –
    but together with a film done with little money and many good ideas, that ”
    Monsters” who has shown us the talent of Gareth Edwards (this also
    retrieve) .The 2011 there has rather led titles relevant to
    this theme (who knows how the will have taken the good Bloom) and
    also the 2012 hasn’t been exaggerated in this direction. We must
    remember the reboot of “Total Recall” (still less than the
    original), the ridiculous “Upside Down” (great candidate for the prize
    “worst of the year”) and the little-known “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”
    that deserved best luck. To improve the fate
    of the cli-fi comes a wave of films in 2013, including
    productions of the highest budget as “Oblivion”, “After Earth” and
    “Elysium”, a masterpiece as “Snowpiercer” (here came out in 2014) and
    that bankruptcy embarrassing that it was “The Colony” .arriving
    finally at this year, we believe these are to emphasize the excellent ”
    Godzilla” (watch a po, directed by Gareth Edwards) and the super
    -production of 2014 – “sharp and diffuse absorption bands” of the brothers Nolan.
    Sarcasm aside, the message with regard to the spectres possible
    to come there is clear from a piece. Let us hope at least that of the Hollywood
    arrive best frames, perhaps with some scientific basis, as to give
    a sense more accomplished at wanting to affect the climate.

  2. Eccelente post e che riprende certi aspetti dell’intervista che ho recentemente fatto a Dan Bloom per conto del magazine Impakter, qui: http://impakter.com/climate-fiction-a-chat-with-the-man-who-coined-the-term-cli-fi/ (per non parlare delle volte che ho scritto di lui sul mio blog).

    Bisognerebbe aggiungere che Dan Bloom ha cominciato con questo termine di “cli-fi” nel 2008, applicandolo a romanzi – e da là, ha continuato ed applicato il termine al cinema. Ha pure creato un premio apposito, chiamato i “Nevil Awards”. E’ molto attivo, Dan Bloom, malgrado che non sia un cineasta or scrittore – è una persona generosa e profondamente turbata (come lo siamo tutti) da come stanno andando le cose. Se non si fa niente per controllare il clima, finiremo tutti male come dentro questi films!

    • Benvenuta a bordo. :-) Condividiamo le preoccupazioni del Signor Bloom e apprezziamo il suo entusiasmo. Ho letto l’intervista e devo dire che la impressione, assolutamente positiva, in merito a Bloom ne esce rafforzata. Non so dire se avremo un altro Shute in futuro (non credo), ma quello che abbiamo ora è una generazione di scrittori SF che capiscono queste tematiche e non hanno paura di parlarne. Speriamo che serva!

      • Speriamo che serva, si! Anch’io ci mi sono buttata con un romanzo “cli-fi” anche se è un po diverso, è ambientato non nel prossimo futuro ma tra 200 anni (penso sinceramente che la fine non è tanto prossima come lo fanno sembrare la maggior parte degli scrittori di cli-fi – penso che ci vorrà più tempo per arrivare effettivamente alla “fine” e l’estinzione della specie umana, ma che sarà poi molto più brutta e definitiva)…e poi, l’ho scritto in Inglese quel libro, quindi niente mercato in Italia! Pazienza…se il libro riesce a vendersi, magari, nel prossimo futuro, ci sarà pure una versione in Italiano! Comunque sia, non pensiamo troppo a questi destini terribili… Buon Natale!

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