Ann Aguirre – Grimspace

Ritorna sulle nostre pagine Marina Belli con questa recensione, è tempo di romantic science fiction!

Ann Aguirre
Ace Books
312 pp. – Euro 6,03 (paperback) o 4,23 (ebook)
Copertina di Scott Fischer

Try to describe grimspace for us.
At parties, when everyone’s knocked back a few, there’s always someone who asks me to do that. They don’t seem to understand, it’s like trying to define red for a blind man. If you’re not a jumper, then you’re blind to the most extraordinary, primordial colors. And nothing I say will help you understand.
The name’s misleading. Grimspace means inexorable, implacable. Not to be appeased. You see, grimspace will have its due from all who traverse it. But it’s beautiful there, or we wouldn’t be drawn back, time and again, driven on by a jones stronger than anything mankind could ever devise. Jumpers burn out smiling for a reason.

In un futuro in cui l’umanità si è espansa nello …